Recruitment can be a challenge for any business, but particularly for businesses that suffer from a high turnover of staff. Whenever another staff member leaves, the managers have to start the hiring and interviewing process again, which can be time consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

Fortunately, there are steps that managers can take to reduce the need for recruitment. Here are ten ways to achieve a lower staff turnover rate:

1. Offer competitive salaries and benefits
By offering fair wages and good benefits, a business will be able to attract good talent.

2. Look after employee wellbeing
Reasonable working hours, regular breaks and safe, clean and pleasant working conditions go a long way towards keeping a workforce happy.

3. Be flexible
Most forward-thinking businesses recognize the need to be flexible with working hours. Employees have lives outside of work and appreciate the flexibility to accommodate a good work/life balance.

4. Reward and recognition
A simple thank you goes a long way. Cultivating a working environment that recognizes hard work of employees that go the extra mile is essential if a business wants to keep its best staff.

5. Lose bad staff
As the saying goes: “one bad apple spoils the barrel.” A lazy, disruptive or bullying member of staff can quickly lose valuable employees because people just won’t want to work with bullies.

6. Refine the recruitment process
A lot of time and money is wasted hiring the wrong person. A well thought out and thorough interview process will ensure the right person is selected from the offset.

7. Offer a career path
Career Path is the most important element to ensure your Staff will stay with the Company if they can progress or work towards advancing their career.

8. Staff satisfaction surveys
Sending out regular staff satisfaction surveys to identify issues and acting on them will show employees the business cares about them.

9. Put happiness first
By placing employee happiness above everything else will make them feel valued and respected and willing to stay. The bonus to this is that a happy workforce also equals happy customers!

10. Give adequate training
If employees aren’t trained sufficiently in their roles, they won’t be motivated or able to do a great job. Businesses need to ensure the initial training is sufficient as well as giving ongoing training and support.

If managers at least implement one or two of the above points, they are well on their way to enjoying lower turnover rates. Implement all ten of them and not only will existing staff stay put, but the business will also be able to attract the best talent for their roles.