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Improve your Job Description to find Better Talent

Job satisfaction is directly related to an employee’s view of the quality of their job. In recruitment, your goal is to set the expectations and have a well-defined job description for potential employees so that they understand their duties. A well-written job description and laying out of expectations from the start can avoid miscommunication, disputes, or poor employee behavior. When [...]

How Employee Recognition Will Improve Retention

Every company would love to have motivated, enthusiastic employees, who stay and work well at their job for many years. This saves money, time, and training hours. A bad retention rate costs many hours of explaining procedures and policies to new employees. So what is the best way to keep employees motivated? Recognition for the good qualities and services that [...]

Having Trouble Filling Key Roles? Review Your Selection Process

If you are having trouble filling key roles at your company, maybe the reason is not a shortage of talent in the marketplace, but that your selection process is too rigid.  While you should always strive to hire the most technically qualified person for each job opening, today's tight job market makes it tough to find suitable candidates who "check all [...]

Staffing Strategies That Work for Controlling Costs

It does not matter what a business does, finding the optimum staffing level is a challenge for every business. Hiring too many workers and then having them idle part of the time may cost more than hiring too few. With too few workers, however, the cost mounts when productivity suffers or the best producers move on to less stressful jobs. [...]

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Winning Strategies to Ace An Onsite Interview

Congratulations!  A potential employer has reviewed your resume and likes it.  You have successfully completed your phone interview and now have been invited in for a face-to-face onsite interview.  What do you need to do to ace the onsite interview and get an offer?  I have laid out some strategies below which should increase your odds of receiving an offer [...]

The 2018 Tax Bill – What It Means for the Staffing Sector

In 2016, the staffing industry in the United States reported 150 billion dollars in revenue. Eighty-five percent of this revenue was generated in the temporary and contract employment sector which continues to grow as employment dynamics continue to change. Staffing firms that deal primarily with temporary and contract job positions are gaining momentum in all employment sectors and levels. This [...]

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