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Importance of Hiring Manager’s Feedback after Interviews

Job hunting can be grueling. Many candidates complain that the worst part of the experience is giving everything they have to perform well in an interview and then never hearing back from the hiring manager.

Giving feedback after interviews is very important for a business’s reputation and its future success. Here’s why.
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How To Attract The Best Talent To Your Company

The key to success in attracting top talent is to make your company an employer of choice. A company must set itself up as a solid, well-organized enterprise and create compelling reasons for top-notch professionals to work there. Those reasons can include excellent compensation and benefits, advancement opportunities, regularly scheduled performance reviews, and other popular perks such as flextime.

Finding the top talent is often a difficult task. Most often, these individuals are not actively seeking new employment. That means companies have to dig deeper to find the top 5 percent. Direct hiring from primary competitors is a company’s best strategy. This involves sophisticated networking and sales ability.

One networking tactic is to determine which of your current employees have already come to you from key competitors. Ask them whom they would recommend hiring from those competitors. Even if a top candidate is ultimately not interested in your position, he or she may be able to refer someone else.

Typically, companies don’t part with top talent. This talent is often well compensated, which makes the stakes higher. In addition, a company will fight to keep them. Therefore, you must be able to offer something that their current employer doesn’t satisfy, such as a new technology or–best of all–a compelling company vision.

Pros and Cons of Automation and Algorithms in Hiring

It’s no secret that technology and automation have permeated nearly every aspect of the recruiting industry over the last two decades. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that organizations are relying more and more on sophisticated automation systems and algorithms to wade through the masses of resumes they receive on a weekly basis.
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Challenges Managers Face Working with HR and How HR Can Help

HR can supercharge a business’s performance, but developing an effective working relationship between managers and HR can sometimes be tricky. Whether a manager is working with his or her own HR department or an outsourced HR company, their ability to work together can define the business’s ability to succeed.
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Communication With Candidates

Throughout my years in recruiting, I have always strived to communicate well with my candidates. I know that this has been appreciated, because I have received many compliments from various candidates who appreciate me keeping them in the loop as to where things stand with a certain position.

My philosophy is simple: I look at candidates as an “asset” and someone that I want to build a relationship with. I know that candidates realize that I am just the conduit between them and the company and that the company makes the final determination on how they want to hire. However, my goal is to keep the candidates as informed as possible. If I cannot help them with this particular job; it is possible that I can help them in the future (even years down the road). With technology the way it is today, it is pretty simple to stay in touch with candidates if you want to make the effort and value the relationship.

Excellent communication with candidates not only builds goodwill with your candidate base, but it also serves to build your brand. Hopefully, this will stay in the mind of a candidate if you ever reach out to them in the future.

Pros and Cons of Working Abroad

More and more people are living and working outside the country of their birth. If you’re considering being one of them, you’re not alone. This figure is on the rise.

If you’re considering whether or not to work abroad, this overview of the pros and cons should help you make the right decision for you.

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Advice To Companies Having Problems Filling Certain Positions

I have seen a lot of companies over the last several years struggle to fill certain positions. Most of these positions tend to be either Information Technology or Engineering related.  With the unemployment rate nearing what the government refers to a “full employment”, it is understandable why filling certain jobs has become a real challenge.

Rather than sit back and hope that the perfect candidate falls into your lap, companies need to look at their sourcing and recruiting methods and processes and determine what needs to change.

1. Are we too strict with our job requirements?

I see this as the main culprit to not filling jobs. Many companies have job descriptions that have requirements that are way too restrictive. Rather than have 7 or 8 MUST have requirements that must be satisfied, re-look at the requirements to see if any of the MUST haves can be converted to NICE TO HAVE.  With a certain amount of training, you could get new hires to the level that you seek.

2. Can we be more flexible with the role?

Many companies today still do not offer employees some work from home flexibility or the ability to perform a role remotely. There is very little cost or downside to offering this flexibility and not having it, puts your company at a major disadvantage to those companies who do offer such flexibility.  Offering this option will also great increase the pool of potential candidates for your roles.

3. Are our salaries competitive?

Because of the slow economic conditions over the last 8 or so years, companies have offered current employees very minimal annual raises.  When they get to the point of hiring again, they are quite shocked to see what certain hard-to-fill roles command in today’s market.  These companies struggle to come up with competitive offers because of concerns with internal equity.  In order to attract star candidates, companies are going to have to make very compelling offers or risk losing the candidates to another companies.

4. Are our benefits competitive?

While base salary and bonus potential seem to be the key components in any job offer, having a competitive benefits package is a close second in priority.  Having a benefits package that is both comprehensive and priced well are very important to landing star candidates.  One area where I see companies struggle is offering competitive vacation or PTO levels to experienced candidates.  It is not realistic to expect an experienced candidate to drop from 3 or 4 weeks vacation back to 2 years vacation.  Companies need to make these candidates “whole” in order to be competitive in today’s employment market.

5. Is our interview process too cumbersome?

In a softer job market, companies could take their time with the hiring process.  This would include multiple phone or onsite interviews as well as extended time between these interviews.  Ina a soft job market, candidates do not have many options and, thus, are compelled to wait.  As the job market heats up, the opportunities for candidates increases, and therefore, companies must speed up the timing of their hiring process in order to capture the star candidates.  Remember, everyone is looking to hire stars, and stars don’t stay on the market very long!

Hopefully, these points will help your company make the changes necessary to improve your hiring rate and fill more jobs.

HR Challenges Working with Staffing Agencies

Staffing Agencies and HR go hand in hand, but some challenges can get in the way of having a successful hiring process.
With misunderstandings regarding the company culture, sometimes the company is misrepresented to the candidate. When a staffing agency oversells an opportunity to a candidate in order to peak their interest, you run the risk of hiring a candidate that does not fit in with your work environment.

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Contract Staffing, how it works and when you should use them

When it comes to contract staffing, the very name is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a technique where the companies are hiring human assets on a contract-based commitment. Such contracts are possible between an organization and an individual or between two companies. In the quest to fill in challenging positions while not making any longer commitments, an increasing number of companies tend to turn to such staffing alternatives.

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