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Candidates: Be Aggressive in Your Job Search

I speak with many candidates each day, and I am surprised how passive that the candidates are in the job search. When looking for a new job, most of them think only to contact a recruiter or search various job posting sites. While I recommend all of these steps, I also mention to the candidates that they need to take a more aggressive stance to their search. One cannot just follow these passive steps, then sit back and expect to get job screening calls from the recruiter or a company.

My recommendation to candidates is to treat your job search just like a sale person would treat sales prospecting. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Develop a list of your “target” companies; either local or nationwide. These companies may be competitors to your current or past companies or companies that you feel could use someone with your skills and experience.
2. Once you compile your target list, then search LinkedIn and look at profiles of people who could be potential hiring managers for someone with your skills and experience.
3. Craft a cover letter that is fairly specific for each company and potential hiring manager and send the letter in a LinkedIn Inmail. You should also attach your resume in LinkedIn Inmail.

My thought is that any potential hiring manager who receives such an Inmail would be very flattered and, in more cases than not, reach out to have an initial conversation. Worst case if there is no current opening, this overture will result in a good future contact and potential networking source.

In short, I feel that candidates would be pleasantly surprised to see how much more traction that they get on their searches.

Tips for Writing a Resume that will get you to the interview

If you’re applying for a job that is likely to have hundreds of applicants, remember that the first person to read your resume won’t be a person at all, but a machine.
Here are some tips you can apply to impress your potential employers and their recruitment software.
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Engaging Applicants in Your Company’s Resume Database

A company generally receives many resumes (both solicited and unsolicited) from applicants who want to work for that company. In many cases, the applicants’ resumes are stored in the company’s applicant tracking system. Hopefully, the company’s internal recruiters are continually mining the ATS database as they receive openings to fill. Maybe your applicant tracking system has a search agent function that automatically attaches potential applicants’ resumes in the database to open requisitions.
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What You Need to Know Before Making an Offer to a Potential Employee

As you all know, information provided in a resume and information collected about the candidate during the initial screening is only one factor that helps determine whether a new hire will work out or not. If you’re entering the recruitment process and interviewing, here are some other elements to consider.
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Top 10 complaints about Recruiters

Recruiters don’t always get it right. Here are the top ten complaints heard when the recruitment process with an agency goes wrong. These complaints are often valid, though the reasons behind them may be more complex than is apparent. We know, however, that the right preparation, the right tools, and the right mindset can solve all of these recruiting issues.

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Negotiating An Offer of Employment

The process of negotiating a job offer between the candidate and client can be one of the toughest tasks that a recruiter will face. One must balance what the candidate feels that they are worth in the market with the client’s budget and concern for internal equity. In many cases, both sides are fairly close, so the offer process goes pretty well and you have both a happy candidate and client. However, in some cases, the candidate may have an unrealistic impression of their worth in the marketplace or the client may not have a realistic idea of what the particular role should pay. In these cases, it is the role of an experienced recruiter to bring both parties to an agreement.
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The Value of a Robust LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has been a tremendous step forward in the evolution of recruiting. From the days of snail-mailed resumes to job boards like Monster and CareerBuilder to LinkedIn, we have seen ability of job seekers to get their background in front of recruiters greatly enhanced. This is especially true for “passive jobseekers” who are generally willing to listen to a targeted job opportunity that seems appealing. The best way to do this is to make sure you have your LinkedIn profile up to date and completely filled out.

Before LinkedIn was developed (and even today), anyone who posted their resume on a job board risked someone at their current company finding out. With a robust LinkedIn profile, you have the opportunity of being approached about a tremendous job opportunity without it being apparent to your company that you would consider other options.

LinkedIn makes it very easy to develop your profile everything from your experience, education, skills & endorsements, publications, and recommendations. You can also attach documents such as your resume.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, develop one as soon as you can. If you have an existing profile, take the time to update it.

10 Must-Have Perks to Attract Top Talent

In today’s competitive corporate market, keeping employees happy is a must. Competitors are always looking to poach talent.
Perks are an important part of attracting the best talent, as well as creating a positive working culture, which makes staff more productive and creative, and increases loyalty.
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Rushing to Judgement Could Cost You a Great Hire

As any recruiter knows, hiring a new employee can be a stressful proposition. You need to sift between the candidates’ qualifications, attitudes, and personalities. Far too often, this process can be to the detriment of good candidates.
Failed hires are a liability. The hiring process costs the company time and money. The cost of a replacement hire can be as much as 400% of the departing employee’s base salary, to say nothing of the upheaval, the reduction of company efficiency, and the drop in morale caused by hiring the wrong person.
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