EEOC Reports

On or before September 30 of each year, every employer that is subject to title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and that has 100 or more employees shall file with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or its delegate, executed EEOC reports. The maintenance of candidate records as to the racial or ethnic identity of individuals is required in some instances. According to Section 1602.20 records to be made or kept: Every organization or person that meets this requirement shall make or keep such records as are necessary for its completion under the conditions and circumstances set forth.

Complete Your EEOC Reports With Ease!

StaffingSoft provides you with an innovative way of completing your EEOC reports. Along with an array of recruiting features, StaffingSoft organizes and maintains all of the information you need to complete your EEOC reports. StaffingSoft satisfies all of the requirements of the EEOC so you don’t have to spend time gathering the information or storing it in a separate place.

StaffingSoft was designed to be specifically helpful to the recruiting industry and measures only those factors that are relevant to your selection of the best individuals to fit the requirements of jobs. Our application works the way human resources and staffing professionals work to locate, recruit and retain top talent. It integrates all aspects of the hiring process and maintains all of the information you need to complete employer reports.

StaffingSoft increases productivity and the quality of hires, and reduces the time-to-hire, as well as the cost-of-hire. At StaffingSoft, our goal is to enable organizations to recruit, hire, manage and retain talented and qualified employees in a more effective, timely and cost-efficient manner.

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