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Requisition Management

Most organizations know that automated requisition management plays a key role in the recruiting process. Automated requisition-management tracking software enables an organization to maintain a database on applicants, track and manage job openings and more. The easier it is to manage and access candidate information, the faster job openings can be filled. Having a system that allows you to build customized reports and organizes as well as maintains requisition data will give you a competitive edge that removes inefficiency from recruiting process and enhance your business growth.

Integrated Requisition Management Software

You can now easily track and manage each of your job openings with clearly defined ownership and accountability with StaffingSoft’s Recruiting Software.

StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System enables you to boost the efficiency of your recruiting team and ensures timely follow-up with lead candidates. Requisitions can easily be updated on your own career web site and you can customize questionnaires to be posted online.

The benefits of StaffingSoft’s integrated requisition management software are numerous, including allowing you to select multiple candidates, change their listing status and flag them if you want. With our application, you will be able to collaborate more effectively in order to fill job openings faster and streamline the approval process. With StaffingSoft, you will be able to customize your own requisition fields, making the pre-screening process faster and more efficient.

Additionally, our Intelligent Search Agent allows you to search for resumes over a specific time period, a range of time, and from a specific source (such as your corporate career page, email, or a job board). After matching all applicable resumes, the Intelligent Search Agent will provide you with a profile of each candidate, including an abstract of the resume, a link to the resume, a candidate ranking, and an integrated toolbar.

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