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Today, there are more career Webpage management services hosted by Application Service Providers (ASPs) with easy-to-use features than ever before. StaffingSoft is a premier leader in career Webpage management and offers you customization and configuration tools so that you can meet your ever-changing recruiting processes. We house the database, which means no more maintenance and support headaches for you!

Career Webpage Management by StaffingSoft

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Simply said, StaffingSoft’s Recruiting Software provides you with flexible reporting tools which will improve the recruiting process for you.

With our career Webpage management solution, you get automated pre-screening features that expedite the process of matching the best candidates for each of your jobs by assigning a ranking value to each applicant. What differentiates us from all of the rest is the affordability of our product, and the feature-rich and ease of use customization, along with superior customer service.

StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System delivers enterprise recruiting solutions as streamlined online services. The StaffingSoft suite of tools provides organizations with a complete view of staffing activity no matter where they are. Our integrated solutions offer you enhanced career web site management in order to optimize your staffing efficiency from candidate recruiting through the entire hiring process.

Our goal is to provide you with the ability to successfully implement business recruiting solutions that will meet or exceed your objectives. Along with the experiences of our team, StaffingSoft provides a total online workflow management solution. With StaffingSoft, you get easy-to-use tools that will help you manage your overall staffing needs. For more information, contact us.