Recruiting Software

Recruiting Software for HR

StaffingSoft HR Edition is the best way to find and manage top talent employees for today’s demanding HR Executives. StaffingSoft HR will streamline your hiring process, reduce the time to hire, increase the quality of hire and most of all reduce the cost of hire.

Product Benefits

StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System for HR is designed for companies of all sizes to manage their most valuable assets, human capital.

The HR Edition decreases the time period needed to hire talent and automates the HR Leaders’ manual tasks of repetitive search for candidates through the Internet.

StaffingSoft builds a centralized database of quality talent to coordinate availability and ease the cycles of HR resource management.

We offer Efficient recruiting software that is easy-to-use, easily customizable and yet affordable with 99% customer service satisfaction.

  • Automated Resume Processing

  • Candidate Matching

  • Candidate Screening

  • Job Order Matching

  • Candidate Tracking

  • Automated Requisition Approval Process

  • Automated Job Posting to free and paid Job Sites

  • Automated Reference Checking

  • Automated Resume Mining

  • Standard and Custom Reports

  • EEO and OFCCP compliance reports

  • Cloud based Email System

  • Lead Generation / Bulk Emailing / Email Blasting / Texting

  • Multi-User Integrated Calendar

  • SMS and MMS text messaging

  • Corporate Website Integration

  • Auto Reply Letters

  • Custom Forms and Templates Creation

  • Certified Tech Support

  • Secure ASP Environment

  • Centralized Data

  • Integration with your HRIS system

  • Workflow Management

  • Custom Letters & Templates

  • Online Career Management

  • Scalable Architecture

  • Cloud based employee Time Tracking System

  • Onboarding – Automated forms management, Workflow, Checklist and Reporting

  • and more