Onboarding System

The concept behind employee onboarding is best defined as a systematic and comprehensive approach to orienting new employees, to help them get on board by minimizing the time before new employees are productive members of their new workgroup.

Online fillable forms are undoubtedly a positive step in the automation of onboarding. They enhance legibility of information and making it less susceptible to misinterpretation.

It is often more expeditious for a new employee to type the information than hand write it. Accessing and submitting forms electronically is a simpler and more efficient process than handling papers. Online forms can come pre-populated with a new hire’s basic information so they are not wasting time re-entering the same data over and over again. Also, all such data becomes available to HR / Recruiter prior to a new hire’s first day of work.

StaffingSoft’s Onboarding System provides you with fully automated and customizable workflow, so that you can manage and track the new employee’s onboarding process at ease.

Employee Onboarding

StaffingSoft’s Employee Onboarding System

StaffingSoft’s Employee Onboarding provides you with following capabilities:

  • Ability to create your Company’s website Employee Portal pages so that new employees can securely login and fill the required forms.

  • Ability to create onboarding fallible forms.

  • Ability to manage Forms.

  • Ability to make forms digitally certified upon competition.

  • Ability to view onboarding employees’ progress

  • Onboarding check list.

  • Onboarding Reports.

The qualities that differentiate StaffingSoft from other competitors are: feature richness, ease of use, affordability, and excellent customer service. We are committed to providing you with the best feature-rich solutions that will help you manage your ongoing search for top talent on an enterprise-wide scale. We welcome your questions, comments and input.

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