Injecting fun into the workplace might seem contrary to common sense but a recent report proves the benefits. Creating a fun workplace boosts productivity and lowers staff turnover. Workers become more engaged and collaborate with each other more effectively.

Maximize Work Productivity By Creating A Fun Workplace
Maximize Work Productivity By Creating A Fun Workplace

Workplace Fun Survey
The study carried out by Robertson Cooper, surveyed 2,000 employees in 2015.
It found that play at work produced real benefits, leading to a more motivated workforce with lower absenteeism levels. Many employees take sick days as a result of work-induced stress or burnout. Having these employees attend the office more often, even if they’re taking time out to play, is more cost-effective.

According to the this survey, 79% of employees rated fun at work as at least moderately important. And 44% believed that workplace fun would increase their productivity.
Play and fun can mean different things to different people. Office fun activities can range from pool to karaoke to time out to talk about non-work topics. Crucially, fun should occur away from the desk or cubicle. A short, fun break away from screens every few hours keeps your workforce happy and motivated. Extended lunch breaks are a great idea, too, especially a Friday visit to a bar or a surprise office party.

Fun Heals The Mind
Fun in the workplace not only helps relieve stress but it also improves people’s ability to think. Happy employees who play tend to think more creatively, focus better on work tasks, and are more likely to come up with innovative ideas.

The belief that people will only work harder if rewarded with more money no longer holds traction. Today’s younger workforce yearns for an improved work-life balance. Add a little fun to the working mix and you’ll find your employees show more loyalty to your company and brand.

Humor & Friendship
There’s nothing like humor to rally your workforce. Try to prevent the working day from becoming stale and too serious. Begin each meeting with a joke rather than a lengthy speech. Keep things spontaneous, informal and friendly. Make work tasks competitive in a fun way, perhaps offering small prizes for the winners. Celebrate small project successes.

Encourage friendship between your employees. Learn about their interests and hobbies. Table tennis and X-box might not appeal to everybody as a fun activity for the office.
Try to get everyone involved in workplace recreation. Far from stifling commitment to work, play encourages focus and loyalty, and it will produce a much more productive environment.