The 21st century came with unprecedented growth in the ICT (“Information and Communication Technology”) world such that it has come to revolutionize the way everything on earth is done. It has birthed advancements in medicine, insurance, banking and finance, education, advertisement, transportation, general grocery and every other aspect of man’s everyday life.

This has led to a multi-billion-dollar revenue for those in the ICT sector and for all those in other sectors who understand and can apply the power of this new age called technology.

The recruiting sector has not been left behind, technology has helped the industry to evolve and surmount several obstacles and limitations. It is now possible to hire anybody from any part of the world at any time and to work from any part of the world without losing anything.

One of the biggest thrills in the sector right now is the application tracking systems; these helps both the employers and the applicants (and third parties where applicable) to be able to monitor and track their recruiting progress or that of their candidates. This type of automation has added so much value to the way we hire and even to define who we hire.

I am going to share 5 important tips and facts about the applicant tracking systems that every hiring manager and recruiter should know to be able to truly harness its power and avoid some of its obvious pitfalls.

1. Application tracking systems are not flawless
This is one reality you must come to face. The fact that they are automated doesn’t make them foolproof. They are not meant to replace your commitment and dedication to every aspect of your work day rather they are there to help improve your process and make your daily job easier.

2. They are very powerful
Like every automated system, ATSs can be very powerful to make you succeed. As long as you are able to use it in a way it was designed to be used, you can do incredible things with them.

3. They are as good as the skills of those who will use them
The most important factor for success is not the quality of your ATS; it is the skills and usability of your team. Make sure to provide enough training to your team so that they become comfortable using it.

4. The database is always a goldmine if you know how to use it
one of the greatest assets that come with ATSs is their ability to gather data within a very short time. If you know how to use this information, you will have gotten yourself a goldmine.

5. On a good day, your ATS is your best fiend
Apart from saving you time and money, good ATSs are capable of reducing the administrative and personnel stress you go through every time you need to hire for positions. In the final analysis, having an ATS is very beneficial if you handle it the way it is meant to be handled.