10 Effective Steps to Improve Company Culture

One of the main reasons employees leave a company is because they don’t like the culture. People spend most of their waking hours at work so failing to consider the environment in which your staff works is a good way to lose staff. Be the HR department that drives positive change and instills a great culture in the workplace. These [...]

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Employee Online Reviews and Their Effect on Company Branding

There is now a lot more transparency around how a business conducts itself. The internet is largely responsible for this as it has given people the opportunity to air their likes and dislikes about a company very publicly. TripAdvisor has turned the hospitality industry on its head while Yelp has local businesses clamoring for that five-star review. A massive 76 [...]

Preparation Keys to Nail the Interview

It is essential that you prepare well for your interview; whether it is a phone, video, or in-person interview. Companies continue to look for top candidates. Strong preparation ahead of the interview will put in you in the position to jump ahead of the competition and nail the interview. Here are some key points to focus on with your preparation: [...]

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Long Working Hours and Its Effects on the Workforce

According to the OECD, Mexico currently tops the charts for longest hours worked whereas the US is around the middle. Germany enjoys the least amount of hours worked per annum. It has been a long upheld belief that the more hours an employee works, the better it is for the business, if not the employees. However, evidence suggests that this [...]

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Top 5 Complaints About Human Resource Department and How to Overcome Them

HR is usually the first port of call for complaints around the business but what if the complaint is about HR itself? Let’s take a look at the top five complaints and how to overcome them. 1: HR does not understand the business Having a basic understanding of each business department will go a long way in better understanding how [...]

Improve Your Recruiting Success with These 5 Steps

Recruiting success depends on well-defined, well-placed job postings, a clear set of search criteria, and a willingness to use different methods of recruiting. These methods include in-house postings, job fairs, employee referrals, college recruitment and internship placements, online postings, and social media. To improve the effectiveness of any recruitment activities: Make the Job Posting Attractive Monitor Job Postings Simplify the [...]