Differences Between Headhunters and Recruiters

If you are in the middle of a job search, you may hear the words “recruiter” and “headhunter” come up. Both are considered “good people to know” when you are a job seeker, but what exactly makes them different? When you find out what each person does, it will also help you see which person you should try to connect [...]

How To Negotiate Your Severance Package

One common misconception is that every employee is entitled to twenty-one days to assess offers for termination packages. Unfortunately, that isn’t accurate. In instances in which the employer only is offering a severance package to a single employee, and the staff member is under age 40, there isn’t any specified period to assess the paperwork that is required by law. [...]

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Signs You’re Working with a Good Recruiter

Today, in 2018, it is harder than ever to find a good recruiter. I want to emphasize the word “good” because it is in no way difficult to find a recruiter. In fact, there are too many recruiters. According to IBISWorld, there are over 300,000 recruiters in the United States alone. Sadly, only a small percent of those are good recruiters. I [...]

How to Make Working from Home Fun While Making Your Employer Happy

Working remotely or working from home is great, but if you’re always working remotely, it might be difficult to remain focused and get all of your work done. While many people find working from home relaxing, exciting, and fun, some days it can be a real grind. If you can make home-working work for you, however, you will be relaxed, [...]

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What You Need to Know When Hiring Third-Party Recruiting Agencies

Recruiting the right candidate to any position is fraught with uncertainty. Landing the right candidate is essential for the success of any organization. That being said, successful recruiters don’t grow on trees. It takes years of training and experience to train an effective recruiter. In many cases depending on your Company immediate hiring needs, HR expertise and/or work load the [...]

10 Steps to Become a Better Interviewer

Recruiting the right candidate is both an art and a science. Getting it wrong can cost the Company heavily, both in time and money. Making recruits at ease and having an open and candid interview are essential for any successful hire. Here are ten tips to improve your interviewing techniques and ensure you achieve the best fit possible. Preparation: write [...]

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