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Winning Strategies to Ace An Onsite Interview

Congratulations!  A potential employer has reviewed your resume and likes it.  You have successfully completed your phone interview and now have been invited in for a face-to-face onsite interview.  What do you need to do to ace the onsite interview and get an offer?  I have laid out some strategies below which should increase your odds of receiving an offer [...]

The 2018 Tax Bill – What It Means for the Staffing Sector

In 2016, the staffing industry in the United States reported 150 billion dollars in revenue. Eighty-five percent of this revenue was generated in the temporary and contract employment sector which continues to grow as employment dynamics continue to change. Staffing firms that deal primarily with temporary and contract job positions are gaining momentum in all employment sectors and levels. This [...]

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Candidates: Be Aggressive in Your Job Search

I speak with many candidates each day, and I am surprised how passive that the candidates are in the job search. When looking for a new job, most of them think only to contact a recruiter or search various job posting sites. While I recommend all of these steps, I also mention to the candidates that they need to take [...]

Tips for Writing a Resume that will get you to the interview

If you’re applying for a job that is likely to have hundreds of applicants, remember that the first person to read your resume won’t be a person at all, but a machine. Here are some tips you can apply to impress your potential employers and their recruitment software. […]


What makes a good workplace great? More perks? More flexibility? Inspirational management? Here’s a look at the ten best workplaces of 2017, according to Fortune, Great Place to Work, and the opinions of those who work for them. Best work places of 2017 Google Inc. Information Technology Mountain View, California Google is known for its perks, including free gourmet food, [...]

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A company generally receives many resumes (both solicited and unsolicited) from applicants who want to work for that company. In many cases, the applicants’ resumes are stored in the company’s applicant tracking system. Hopefully, the company’s internal recruiters are continually mining the ATS database as they receive openings to fill. Maybe your applicant tracking system has a search agent function that [...]

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