President Obama’s signature legislation will go down in history as his signing into law what has become known as the Affordable Care Act. This was done to bring on board all those who don’t have health insurance, and to make the health system a more simplified arena for all.

Why are things still so wrong?

Six years into his presidency, and there are major criticisms of ObamaCare.

What’s happening to Obama Care?
What’s happening to Obama Care?

1. Millions of Americans Stand to Lose Their Health Insurance. The president emphatically told everyone “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Not exactly true. More and more middle-class people will see their health coverage not get extended, and they will have to join the ACA.

2. An individual mandate system means that ALL Americans are mandated to have health insurance. It has been argued that this goes against everything free America stands for.

3. Health Care Coverage Will Change No Matter What. Even if you continue to get your health care insurance through your employer, they will have to conform to new federal benefit standards, like it or not. These upgrades will cost more; hence, higher premiums for you.

4. Health Care Costs Have Increased. Now, while you may not be able to see your favorite doctor anymore, the costs of office visits, lab tests, procedures, prescriptions, and everything else is increasing. Monthly premiums have also increased as well as yearly deductibles, which mean you pay out of pocket until that threshold has been met.

Other problems have been identified by critics of the Act, such as who pays for what, procedures that are not paid for and once were, who makes the medical decisions and no savings seen for the majority of American middle-class families.

This landmark legislation is also the first of its kind. Obama has begun the process of trying to bring an equitable form of health care to all Americans, and it is still going to take some time to iron out the wrinkles and get it right.