One of the main reasons employees leave a company is because they don’t like the culture. People spend most of their waking hours at work so failing to consider the environment in which your staff works is a good way to lose staff.

Be the HR department that drives positive change and instills a great culture in the workplace. These ten steps will help you on your way.

Pay employees a fair rate

By paying staff a fair wage, you will have better staff retention (and less money spent on recruitment) and a workforce willing to go the extra mile.

Employee rewards and recognition

If you’re not recognizing and rewarding employees for the great work that they do, then you’re already failing to provide a good company culture.

People like to be acknowledged for their efforts. Do otherwise, and people are more likely to lose motivation and move on.

Embrace autonomy

Most workers hate to be micromanaged. For them, there’s nothing worse than having someone breathing down their neck while they’re trying to work.

Trust that your employees know what to do and let them work the way they want to  achieve clear goals.


Be flexible

More and more businesses are realizing that staff want a more flexible approach to working. People with families or other commitments don’t want to be restricted by rigid working hours.

Encourage co-working and collaboration

Drive employee engagement by encouraging strong working relationships. Sharing ideas and knowledge will produce a more creative atmosphere.

Act on feedback

Don’t disregard negative feedback. Act on it and improve business practices.

Have clear values

What are the values of your business? Don’t just talk about them, make sure to uphold and live by them too.

Promote team building

Most people work better when they know they’re supported by a team. Encourage team interaction and idea sharing.

Be transparent

Show employees the current and future forecasts of the business. Keep everyone abreast of business developments so they know where they stand within the operation.

Have a great benefits package

Having decent healthcare, number of vacation days and other benefits will keep staff healthy and refreshed enough to do a stellar job.

An excellent work culture produces excellent results. It’s never too late to start providing a fantastic working environment.