Can you really put your resume on every job site out there? And is that the best strategy? Sorting the good advice from the misleading can be time consuming and frustrating. Here is a list of some of the most influential and useful career sites of 2014, all of which are updated regularly, see plenty of traffic, and are easy to access through various social media channels.

Most Influential Career Sites in 2014
Most Influential Career Sites in 2014
Indeed, launched in 2004, is the most visited job website in the world. 140 million unique visitors check the site every day. Part of its success is due to the fact that it’s actually an aggregator, providing job listing from many other websites, all in one place. It’s operating in 50 countries.
Next on the list is familiar named Career Builder. Partnered with AOL and MSN, it provides a huge selection of jobs and operates in 60 markets over 24 countries. They also own and operate other smaller sites that cater to specific markets, including and
Despite the size, and in fact partially because of it, Monster is an important career site to use. It’s one of the largest online job markets in the world, and it continues to grow every year. With about a million jobs and a million resumes, plus over 63 million job seekers accessing the site per month, it’s a great place to start your job search.

Simply Hired
This website may be simple, but it is not small. With over 8 million job listings, it is the largest independent job search engine. It is so extensive that it is used as an economic indicator by some economists.

LinkedIn isn’t a proper job search site, however it is an important networking tool and does lead to a lot of job placements. By connecting with your friends, co-workers, previous co-workers, and the broader network from there, you might get that personal introduction to the perfect job.
Beyond is another search engine for job sites. They’ve provided a different kind of tool, which gives them a leg up in certain ways. Some compare Beyond to LinkedIn, because it offers a unique way to display your resume and has online communities for professionals to join and benefit from.
This website offers many internships and entry level professional jobs as well as plenty of sound advice about landing that first job. It includes many helpful and encouraging success stories from those who are entering the job market and land permanent positions via internships.
Glassdoor broke ground last year by creating a tool that helps you connect your skills with jobs that you may not realize you’re qualified for. Their Job Explorer feature allows you to map potential jobs which you might overlook on a different site. The rollout in July exposed a few quirks which are mostly smoothed out by now.

Mashable Jobs
Mashable Jobs was launched only four years ago, but already boasts high traffic and over 3,000 employers who consider it a top destination, along with over 11,000 job postings in its extended network.

The mission of this site is to fundamentally change the way that people find professional opportunities and the ways that employers find talent. It’s used by thousands of companies, universities, and membership organizations.

While searching career sites does not replace the work of improving your actual resume and applying for jobs, you can learn a lot about the market and your opportunities by scouring the sites that appeal to you. You don’t have to use all 10, but make sure at least a few of these are on your list.