Job searches may start like any other Internet searches, with a search engine like Google. People looking for jobs generally don’t do anything fancy; they use a term they think describes the job well, and maybe the city they are searching. Knowing this, how do you get your jobs to stand out from the rest?

Here are some ideas on how to write SEO-friendly job ads to boost your success.

First, Use the Right Keywords

Search engines will use keywords to find jobs, so you need to match the words in your job ad to the keywords the search engines use.

Try acting like you’re the job seeker. Would the job seeker search with the keywords you might pick? Check your keywords with free online tools like Google’s Keyword Tool to see if your keywords are being used by many people.

Use Job Titles with Keywords

Creating job titles with keywords combines efficiency with visibility. The first thing a job seeker should see is the job title. And, that’s because the keywords the job seeker used are also in that title. You can make an instant connection this way. Efficient placement of keywords in a job title will attract potential talent.

If you want extra visibility for the job title, make it unusual. Make it more memorable than any other company’s ad for that title. Does your company have outstanding perks? How about company-matched IRA contributions?

Try to keep the job title length to less than 60 characters if possible.  Job titles exceeding 60 characters may not be good for Google Search Engine Optimization.

Use More Keywords in the Job Description while keeping your job description concise

You have more room in the job description than the job title for keywords, but you should still be deliberate and efficient when you use them. Don’t pile them in. To be most efficient. Make sure to include a few variations on those keywords. Also, if some industry terminology related to the job can be used as keywords, do so.

Your job description should have details about the role and about your Company.  Try to find a balance between writing enough detail so candidates understand the role and your company while keeping your description concise.

Try to keep your job description length less than 800 characters if possible.

Last, have some keywords that describe some of the job perks. Examples are, “flexible schedule,” or “nightshift bonus.” And, be sure to put the job location in the description and the title if possible.

Know What Keywords Not to Use

Don’t use keywords that are trite, worn out, out of date, or look like “buzzwords.” These keywords can make your company seem unprofessional and even deceitful. It can suggest that you are trying to hide something behind a smokescreen of sensational phrases? Don’t use keywords like wizard, ninja, or black belt.

For more advice or information on using SEO to streamline your job advertising, contact StaffingSoft.