The staffing industry is one of the most competitive industries out there at the moment. Why? Because there’s a high demand for great staffing services and a lot of staffing professionals are trying to get in on the action. We all know that customer service is key and we’re all well aware of the strategies that we should be using to find the right recruits for the right jobs. But time and again companies that hire staffing firms decide to switch. Why do they move on to another firm? What mistakes are staffing companies making that are losing business to their competitors?

While the conversation about customer service is almost completely worn out at this point, it turns out that most of the time, companies change staffing services because they perceive a sense of indifference from the staffing professionals they work with. In other words, HR professionals and companies hiring through staffing services don’t feel appreciated or they feel they are not getting the quality of candidates they asked for. They feel like they are just another client and they don’t mind going with a sales rep from another staffing company that seems to be more knowledgeable and appreciate them more.

Don’t Just Sell Customer Service, Deliver

There are a few important things you can do to ensure that you’re not just another dropped staffing company. But they all hinge on your ability to deliver what you say you’ll deliver.

Make Promises Once

 Every client will assume that you’re going to claim to be great at finding the best candidates and that you’re dedicated to the right match. You have to say these things because that’s the business you’re in. But don’t oversell those points. Say it clearly once, and then move on.

Ask Questions

Don’t make this about you. The staffing company is a go-between; they’re the people working hard to make connections, which mean you shouldn’t be doing a lot of talking. What you should do is ask a lot of questions. Find out what it is that the HR professional is really looking for. Learn about the vacancy details, company policies and what it’s like to work there. Come up with a list of questions including things like, “what are you looking for in a candidate?”; “ask them about the company culture”; “What kind of benefits offered to employees”, ‘what kind of coffee maker is in the break room?’ and ‘do employees walk to local lunch places together?’ Get to know the company and let them know you’re really trying to find out as much as possible. They’re going to appreciate that you consider them to be so important.

Keep in Touch

Even when you aren’t tasked with finding someone for a client, don’t drop off their radar. Call them if you encounter a candidate who would fit in at their office, just to let them know you understand what they are looking for. Don’t push it, but see if they’re interested. Check in every once in a while to make sure they don’t need anything or anyone. Call and check in to find out how a new staff member is working out.

Build the relationship with your clients and you’ll find that they don’t just know you do a good job, they’ll stay with you because you’re doing a great job for them.