In today’s competitive corporate market, keeping employees happy is a must. Competitors are always looking to poach talent.
Perks are an important part of attracting the best talent, as well as creating a positive working culture, which makes staff more productive and creative, and increases loyalty.

Here are some of the most popular perks companies go for:
1. Profit sharing
Profit sharing keeps your employees invested in the future of the company. It keeps them focused on the bottom line and competitive.

2. Time off for holidays
You need to foster a family atmosphere amongst your employees. Offering time off so workers can spend time with their families shows your employees that you care. They will reciprocate.

3. Sports activities
Mens sana in corpore sano (“a healthy mind in a healthy body”). You can sponsor a company sport activity such as soft ball team or offer gym memberships. Activities keep your workforce healthier and happier. Exercising together fosters bonding between co-workers.

4. Free beverages
Whether it’s a coffee machine or a fridge full of drinks, free beverages help your employees get their energy levels up throughout the day and can help them feel more at home.

5. Company outings
These are a Japanese specialty. Mark a successful transaction or just give your employees the opportunity to let their hair down and get to know each other better.

6. Education.
Perhaps the most important of all… It’s always a good investment to further the potential of your employees, and free or subsidized training will promote loyalty and goodwill from your employees.

7. Free food
Allowing your employees to eat on site saves time. It can also foster the all-important homey feel you need among your employees for them to be more relaxed and more creative.

8. Childcare
Providing childcare for both male and female employees is a great way to foster a good working atmosphere. It will relieve stress, limit distractions, and prevent the effects of unreliable childcare arrangements from disrupting your office.

9. Flexible working
Allowing your employees to take time out of the office and work from home, or while traveling, shows the level of trust that you place in them, fosters a greater sense of responsibility, and allows them a distraction-free working space.

10. Going the extra mile
Be flexible and tailor some perks for individual employees. If a jazz fan has worked night and day to close a deal, for example, consider splashing out on tickets for a jazz concert to show you appreciate them and their work.

Businesses are competing for the best talent. Remember that great perks are very attractive, but they also help you to create a better working environment and retain valuable staff.