Recruiting the right candidate to any position is fraught with uncertainty. Landing the right candidate is essential for the success of any organization. That being said, successful recruiters don’t grow on trees. It takes years of training and experience to train an effective recruiter. In many cases depending on your Company immediate hiring needs, HR expertise and/or work load the most effective solution maybe to use professional third-party agencies.

Why opt for third-party recruiting agencies?

  1. Efficiency: third-party recruiters are consummate professionals. They are focused and experienced, able to take on every step of the hiring process, saving you time and money, as well as ensuring that there will be an expert eye on your potential employee(s) during the recruitment process.
  2. Accountability: you can hold your recruiting partner accountable for any mistakes or issues with the hiring process. Third-party recruiters are interested in long-term partnerships so it’s in their interest to perform well and consistently.
  3. Cost: depending on your industry if you factor in the costs of advertising for a candidate and the hours needed to sift through resumes, third-party recruiters become increasingly attractive, so long as you opt for a true professional.
  4. Partnership: by opting for a long-term partnership with a recruiting agency, your recruiting will become smoother with time. Your partner will get to grips with the particulars of your company and will be able to offer candidates quickly and accurately whenever needs arise.

How to Choose Third-Party Recruiting Agencies?

Finding the right recruiter is essential. This is why you need to choose wisely and keep in mind certain qualities that all successful recruiters share.

  • Goal oriented: good recruiters stay on point. They know when the candidate is right and are eager to close the deal. Most companies tend to drag their feet a bit before committing on a hire. Successful recruiters may seem ‘pushy.’ The best recruiters strike a balance between eagerness to complete their tasks and making sure that they have asked the right questions and listened to the answers to provide the best candidate.
    Look for recruiters that are willing to challenge you when necessary, rather than a crowd pleaser that may suggest inferior candidates.
  • Specialists: go for specialists when possible. Many recruiters tend to be global about their approach, but many also specialize. Recruitment firms with specialties can have agents that are particularly savvy and able to provide the very best staff for your needs.