First and for most, is to complete your profile so others can know you better. Your Summary should be well written since that is what people look at first.

Following link is a good reading on how to optimize your profile:

Make sure to provide links back to your organization’s website for additional information and/or additional job opportunities that aren’t listed on the social networking sites. It’s important to integrate social networking efforts to the branding and recruitment efforts in which your organization is engaged.

Integrating the various recruitment strategies already in place with social networking provides companies with more value for all their recruitment efforts and strengthens their brand with job applicants, customers and other important stakeholders. Using the company logo, colors, a consistent message, and critical links to the organization’s website pages of interest to active and passive jobseekers ties the social networking efforts to the rest of the organization’s recruitment efforts.

Create a personalized email invitation to include reason you wish to connect. Make it easy for the person to remember you and accept your invitation. Email it to all the prospective candidates so that they can link to you, this way you will build your popularity with no cost simply because they link to you instead of you linking to them.

Join relevant groups and get involved with people that you can connect with and get to know. Be sincere about helping and people will approach you!

Building credibility through recommendations and a great summary. Use the Questions and Answers feature to quickly establish yourself as an expert in your field.

If you are your own boss and have your own business, you will get the most benefit from LinkedIn if you treat it like a marketing channel but using the language of networking. Similar to website linking the more websites link to your website the better ranking your website will have. Therefore you can drive people closer to you by networking to develop valued relationships so you can leverage those marketing efforts to produce the best results.