Top 5 Complaints About Human Resource Department and How to Overcome Them

/Top 5 Complaints About Human Resource Department and How to Overcome Them

HR is usually the first port of call for complaints around the business but what if the complaint is about HR itself? Let’s take a look at the top five complaints and how to overcome them.

1: HR does not understand the business

Having a basic understanding of each business department will go a long way in better understanding how to assist an individual.

  • Embed business knowledge into the HR learning curriculum.
  • Keep abreast of the wider business goals and strategies.
  • Spend time with employees in each department to understand work routines and functions.

2: HR serves management, not employees

Even if a business aligns HR with upper management objectives, it is important not to forget that the primary function of HR is to serve its employees.

  •  It’s impossible to support upper management by first understanding their employees. Paying attention to what’s happening on the ground will enable management to identify issues as well as star employees.
  • Guide managers towards long-term stability by developing a business case for integrity.

3: HR speak their own language

The average employee does not understand HR jargon and acronyms, so it’s important to communicate in simple terms.

  • Would a young student be able to understand what you are saying? If not, you need to simplify your message.
  • Break information down into steps or bite-size chunks.
  • Stop using jargon completely.

4: HR is all talk and no action

Being bound by confidentiality, sometimes it’s impossible to take action or give specific advice.

  • Share all the information you can and if it’s not possible to share, explain the reasons why.
  • Keep people informed at all stages, even if it is to say that nothing has progressed. Keeping silent is worse than giving restricted information.
  • Understand that most people’s issues are time sensitive. Ensure the necessary action is taken within individuals time restraints.

5: HR is more concerned with processes than outcomes

Don’t fall into the trap of following a process just because it exists. A process should always move toward a desired outcome.

  • Regularly review and amend processes to keep up with changes within the business.
  • Streamline them as much as possible to cut red tape and unnecessary roadblocks.
  • Test new processes before rolling them out to determine efficiency.

By overcoming these complaints, HR can become a department that all employees feel comfortable and confident approaching, no matter what the issue is.

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