The economy is once again picking up, and companies are finally opening their doors to new hires. Find out which jobs paid well and showed the most promise in 2013.

1.     Dentist – We humans and our mouths full of teeth are so needy. So needy, in fact, that the demand for dentists will go up over 20% before the decade is over.

2.     Registered Nurse – What do you get when you mix the Affordable Care Act and an aging generation of Baby Boomers? A high demand for nurses.

3.     Pharmacist – We love our drugs. And knowledgeable folks with great people skills to dispense them.

4.     Computer Systems Analyst – Orchestrate and oversee the flow between employee, computer, and the spectrum of tasks connecting human and machine.

5.     Physician – Nurses may be superheroes, but they can’t handle all of those Baby Boomers alone.

6.     Database Administrator – Data is being used more and more these days. If you know your way around a database, you can probably find work.

7.     Software Developer – It’s as close as you’ll get to becoming a wizard in this day and age.

8.     Physical Therapist – An aging population combined with our increasingly stagnant and stressful lifestyles puts this job in high demand.

9.     Web Developer – Where creativity, organization, and computer science intersect.

10.  Dental Hygienist – Work fewer than 40 hours per week, collect a fat paycheck, and land a job with ease.

11. Occupational Therapist – Help folks navigate around their physical limitations.

12. Veterinarian – If healing Baby Boomers isn’t for you, perhaps you’ll find your calling with other species. Vets will enjoy a 30% boost in employment opportunities by 2020.

13. Computer Programmer – The robots won. The next logical step is for every company to fill their ranks with robot-whisperers to keep the machines happy.

14. School Psychologist – Lend an ear and a helping hand to the littles and the not-so-littles.

15. Physical Therapist Assistant – With the growth in Physical Therapist employment, assistants will also enjoy a 45% upswing before the end of the decade.

16. Interpreter/Translator – The melting pot is a talkative one. Help boil it all down.

17. Mechanical Engineer – Innovative, creative, detail-oriented, hands-on types will enjoy a future in making cool stuff.

18.  Veterinary Technician – Assist veterinarians with the day-to-day operations while enjoying lots of promotion potential.

19. Epidemiologist – This hunter of microscopic game in the petri jungle helps track and prevent public health problems from air quality effects to infections and outbreaks.

20. IT Manager – Coordinate a team of IT professionals while enjoying a bank account overflowing with extra 1s and 0s.

21. Market Research Analyst – This modern fortune-teller uses hard data and tracks trends, looking for the next big market winner.

22. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer – Master the ins and outs of medical equipment and the patients to which they are attached.

23. Computer Systems Administrator – The nerve center of an office’s communications network will enjoy tremendous growth in the next few years.

24. Respiratory Therapist – Everyone must breathe.

25. Medical Secretary – With eternally changing insurance rules and billing practices, this occupation is Grade-A job security.