Smart investing, whether your planning to invest money or time, involves researching the latest technology and identifying the most promising industries.
The top 10 fastest growing industries represent not only good investment options but also excellent career opportunities. These areas have the greatest potential for future success.

Wind Power
With the growing alarm about global warming and pollution, people have been trying to discover ways to produce sustainable energy that will not cause damage to the environment. Providing clean energy at an economical cost, the wind power industry is expected to continue its growth in the coming years.

Solar Energy
Much like wind energy, solar energy is a clean and renewable power source. With its increasing efficiency and decreasing cost in recent years, it has become more widely available, not only for businesses but also for homeowners.

3D Printing
One of the leading technological advancements is 3D printing or additive manufacturing. It is changing the way that we produce things – from tools and toys to body parts. Many sectors can benefit from this technology because it allows production of complex objects at a low cost. Researchers are continuously finding more advanced applications for 3D printing. The medical field is expected to get the greatest benefit from this technology.

Legal Marijuana
Since the legalization of marijuana in some States in the US, the industry is experiencing exponential growth. Aside from the raw plant, it can also be sold in other forms, resulting in even greater sales. The industry could grow even more if other states legalize marijuana.

Virtual Reality
The video game industry plays a significant role in the success of the virtual reality industry. Researchers are finding more applications of this technology, however, such as architecture and healthcare. These are likely to lead to rapid growth.

Artificial Intelligence
With the advancement of smartphone technology, AI has tremendous growth potential. Large companies are using AI for personal assistants, facial recognition, and autonomous cars.

Sustainable Construction Materials
Much like sustainable power sources, green building is becoming more popular. This is largely as a result of public and government concern for the environment and the desire to use environmentally-friendly materials.

Cyber Fraud Detection
As computing technology grows, companies and individuals are doing more business online. Accordingly, the need for protection from cyber criminals is also rising to prevent identity and data theft.

The wide-ranging application of drones, including use by the military, agriculture, and freight delivery, has made this technology very popular with investors. More research is being carried out to modify drones and make them even more useful.

Silicon is one of the major ingredients of electronics, solar panels, and building materials. Due to the growth of these industries, the demand for silicon is also expected to rise in the future.

If you’re looking to apply your skills in a booming industry, any of these areas are likely to provide you with exciting opportunities.