Is the economy recovering from the depth of the recession? What are the recruiting trends for 2011?

The economy will begin slowly to emerge in 2011 and some employers are becoming excited about possible job openings! Early findings suggest that opportunities will emerge but employers are hesitant to crank-up hiring. Be prepared for more uncertainty – seniors need to be ready for a sudden possible shift and internships are becoming high stake events! The college segment of the market is poised to rebound this year. While overall hiring across all degrees is expected to increase, hiring at the Bachelor’s level is expected to increase. Led by upturns in hiring in manufacturing, professional and scientific services, the federal government, and large commercial banks, the Bachelor’s market will enjoy its first expansion in two years. With this good news comes a word of caution. This step is the first out of a deep hole; yet, many organizations are still not in a position to contribute positively to hiring.

The recruiting Trends for 2011:

    • Social Media – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have grown and many candidates using them on daily bases, the Twitter has grown form 300,00 users to well over one billion users, recruiters will use social medias more aggressively in 2011 to find passive candidates.


    • Job Boards – Although not as popular as once they used to be but still fairly common to find active candidates.  Job boards won’t disappear and die any time soon but the time large companies posting hundreds of job postings on a single job board under an unlimited package are nearly gone. Most Companies are now splitting their job board dollars between niche sites, social media sites and everyone uses LinkedIn for certain category levels.  LinkedIn is currently second-to-none, in my opinion.  Job Boards with strong reputations such as Monster and CareerBuilder and Nice Job boards with collaboration with aggregators will continue to succeed.  Those boards that are now incorporating more recruiter-like services like personalized short-listing, reference checking, and job post writing will succeed even better


    • Mobile Recruiting – Mobile Recruiting will be used more in 2011.  Candidates will respond to the latest positions being texted to them via their Smartphone as soon as they become available.  Companies with openings, or job boards, or Facebook Fan Pages will have the ability to simultaneously upload through an application (app or ATS system) to their users Smartphone as soon as a new job posting appears anywhere. Preliminary screening questions to be answering by a mobile phone.  Every online presence your company has for the purpose of recruiting must be configured in such a way that it can be read easily on a mobile device.  Mobile Phone and the development of new applications for recruiting will only increase in 2011.


  • Virtual Job fairs – Imagine for a second being able to recruit job seekers all over the country in just one day, but without ever having to leave your office. What would this mean to your bottom line? Virtual career fairs provide an opportunity for employers and job seekers to meet and interact as if face to face, but from the comfort and convenience of their home or office. Career fairs for the most part are simply resume exchange opportunities, and if this is the case, this can be accomplished virtually.