Recruiting the right people for your organization requires making sure that your recruiters and your recruiting process do not make any of the following mistakes.

Recruiting Mistakes
Recruiting Mistakes

First of all make sure that your hiring process does not discourage bright, motivated, talented people by being generic, insulting and cumbersome. People need to be treated well from the beginning if you expect them to be enthusiastic about working in your company.

Start by creating job ads that describes the job responsibly in detail and appeal to human beings and don’t sound like potential hires should be happy you want to interview them. Market potential employees with the same vigor you market your customers.

Use an applicant tracking system that will help you identify the right talent faster or you’ll find yourself wading through a huge pile of non-relevant applications. Don’t generalize, target your search to the specific and most important aspects of the job.

Be sure that your company’s web presence accurately represents you. One study conducted for Forbes Magazine found that nearly one third of respondents reported using social media to research companies and job openings, so your social media presence is crucial to a comprehensive recruitment strategy. It’s equally important, however, to understand how professionals at various stages of a career use social media differently.

And remember that candidates will be researching your company across a broad array of platforms, so you must take steps to ensure that their experience is consistent, regardless of how they view your online presence. So make your company’s website and any other online platforms consistent and functional for different types of devices, including notebooks, tablet PCs, and smartphones.
Very important is to remember that face-to-face communication is still the best way to get to know a candidate. Though companies find that video conferencing and skyping is timely and cost effective, most potential candidates prefer an in-person interview. Do not make the mistake of foregoing the interview process for a strictly technological procedure or potential top people can be lost because they were ill at ease and did not present themselves or their talents in the best way possible.

Recruiters are like ambassadors and they need to represent you well. Today’s job seekers place great emphasis on company culture and your recruiters and your hiring process need to be consistent. Don’t use recruiters who are not well-versed with your company, its mission, goals and culture or you will not attract top talent.
So remember to know what you’re looking for and not to over-emphasize money or benefits and to take a wide view of what is possible and you’ll attract the right people.