If you are a company that is looking to attract millennial talent, there are three main concepts to consider before seeking new applicants.

Feel the Vibe

The first of these three concepts is to make sure that the “vibe” of your workspace meshes well with the “vibe” of the potential employee. Today there are many ways an employee can choose to work. For example, they can work in an office, telecommute, work from home, and more. The options are plentiful and therefore new talent is going to be much pickier about where they decide to work.

It is wise, therefore, to think about the type of office culture you have and then be sure to reach out to potential employees that fit well into the atmosphere that you have created.

Be the Godfather

The second thing you must do is “make them an offer they can’t refuse.” Offer a great work package with incentives for performing at your company. Modern job seekers are presented with many options and millennials tend not to be looking for just a job, but “the” job. They want to find a job that stands out from the rest and will respect and enhance their lives outside of work as well.

Be Kind

The third concept that will help you attract millennial talent is to do kind. Many individuals in the millennial generation feel a call to help and to be ethically responsible whether they are at work or at leisure. People in this age range are more likely to shop at a grocery store if it holds weekly food drives. They are more likely to order shoes from a company that donates shoes to a country in need. They are more likely to choose employment when the business is doing good deeds, not just doing well.

Offering volunteer opportunities or taking on clients or customers for free from time to time goes a long way when recruiting potential employees.

The bottom line is to treat your employees fairly, reward and notice hard work, help the community, and make your business one that employees vie to join.