Recruiting success depends on well-defined, well-placed job postings, a clear set of search criteria, and a willingness to use different methods of recruiting. These methods include in-house postings, job fairs, employee referrals, college recruitment and internship placements, online postings, and social media.

To improve the effectiveness of any recruitment activities:

  1. Make the Job Posting Attractive
  2. Monitor Job Postings
  3. Simplify the Application Process
  4. Conduct Informed Interviews
  5. Integrate New Employees into the Company
  1. Make the Job Posting Attractive

Put time, energy, and creativity into job postings if you want to attract top talent. Appeal to candidates by keeping information clean and specific; think about presenting it in a variety of ways. Remember, for example, format (Bold or Colored) the words that you want to stand out, consider using images and/or videos, as well as text.

First impressions matter for recruiters and candidates. If your copy is muddled and unappealing, potentially ideal candidates have a reason to overlook your opportunity.

  1. Monitor Job Postings

If you are posting open positions on the internet using the various options available, be sure to look into ways to obtain good positioning for your postings. Never rely on only one source (Job board) for all your jobs posting. There are numerous job boards and some of them serve specific industries.

Do your homework and make your life easier by using an applicant tracking system that handles all the various job posting and track the process for you.

  1. Simplify the Application Process

Applying for the job should be a straightforward process, not an obstacle course that results in the candidate abandoning the application process. Abandonment rates can be astronomical, but they often go unnoticed. Use recruitment software that enables your HR department to track candidates’ experiences and modify obstacles identified by their feedback.

  1. Conduct Informed Interviews

Job candidates today are vetting you and your company while you are vetting them. Top candidates use the interview process to ask questions about the company and expect as much information during the interview/recruiting process as they give.

Interviewers should be professional, well-prepared, and respectful of the candidates they are interviewing.

  1. Integrate New Employees

Once you hire new employees, be sure to take the opportunity to provide a well-structured entry into the new position. Set clear expectations, and provide the tools necessary for an employee to perform their job.

Hiring good employees can be challenging, but the right employees are worth the effort. To improve your recruiting success, provide good marketing, offer updated managerial mindsets, and use effective onboarding processes.