Job satisfaction is directly related to an employee’s view of the quality of their job. In recruitment, your goal is to set the expectations and have a well-defined job description for potential employees so that they understand their duties.

A well-written job description and laying out of expectations from the start can avoid miscommunication, disputes, or poor employee behavior. When the employee understands their role in a company, it will bring success and positive outcomes for everyone involved.

Set clear expectations in your job description by:
• Writing in concise, positively-worded sentences. For example, avoid using phrases such as “Don’t be late.” A better way to say this might be: “We expect all employees to arrive on time for work.” 

• Including sections on dependability, timeliness, respect of others and the workplace, customer/client services, and communication. It can be helpful to elaborate on these areas in a booklet designed for each new employee to read.

Clearly expressed expectations and a straightforward job description set identifiable, quantifiable boundaries for all new hires. When a problem arises about job performance, these documents can be used as reference, avoiding the suspicion of arbitrary or unfair treatment.

The job description brings organization to each position in a company by defining roles and providing structure.

Your job description should include:
• Title or position
• Who to report to
• Where the role fits within the company.

• Education, experience, and training requirements for the job.

• Responsibilities and output expected.

• The main objectives of the position.

• Promotion possibilities.

• Personality traits that are important to have for the role.

• Location and travel requirements, including the possibility of flexible work from home.

• Remuneration and benefits.

With a good job description, you are likely to receive more promising, targeted candidates who understand what is expected of them, not only before they are hired but also before an interview.

Over time, job descriptions should be reviewed and revised. Some of the responsibilities and expectations of the role may change as the business changes.

It is often a difficult task to find the right person for the job. However, with a well-defined job description and clear expectations set out from the beginning, there is a greater possibility for success in hiring and recruitment.