Staffing Agencies and HR go hand in hand, but some challenges can get in the way of having a successful hiring process.
With misunderstandings regarding the company culture, sometimes the company is misrepresented to the candidate. When a staffing agency oversells an opportunity to a candidate in order to peak their interest, you run the risk of hiring a candidate that does not fit in with your work environment.

Other times, a staffing agency might refer candidates to a hiring manager even though they do not possess the proper skills. This usually leads to repeating the hiring process and the business having to absorb even more expenses hiring a new employee.
The resolution to HR challenges like these lies with quality over quantity. To get quality candidates, it is crucial to have a good relationship with your staffing agency.

Take the time to get to know your staffing agent
Always do your research before selecting a staffing agency to use for your business. Consult with other companies that have used the same agency you’re considering.
You should expect consultants to meet with the recruiters initially. Ask about their screening processes and what their pricing structure entails. Every agency is different. It’s important to know exactly what you’re agreeing to when you hire any agency.

Build a professional relationship with open communication
To have a successful relationship with your staffing agency, you need to have transparency on both sides. Recruiters can only do their job when their client is honest with them about their needs. Clients have more successful hires when recruiters are honest about a candidate’s potential.
Be sure to be as specific as possible with the recruiters about the job description, role requirements, and whether this is a temporary or permanent position.
Watch out for the caliber of candidates your recruiter sends your way. If they are bombarding you, focusing on quantity over quality, then it’s time to hire a different agency.

Designate a hiring manager who will take the lead on interviewing 
Staffing agencies can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to find potential candidates because of their access to exclusive candidate pools and streamlined screenings. Ultimately, however, a hiring manager from your business will be the one to make the final call.
The reason having a designated hiring manager is so important is because it creates consistency. Your hiring manager should be someone who has been working for your business long enough to thoroughly understand what kind of candidate you need and who understands the job requirements of the position you need filled.

Hiring the best candidates for any organization requires the cooperation of that organization and its recruiter. Working with a staffing agency and maintaining clear, open communication throughout will help the process go smoothly.