Having to let an employee go has got to be one of life’s most distasteful chores. Especially, if it’s not on the employee’s radar; no one wants to make another person’s life more difficult.

However, there are times when you must fire someone or let them go. If you want to do it right, then read through this article. There are ways to discharge an employee gracefully.

How to Discharge an Employee Gracefully
How to Discharge an Employee Gracefully

Have a Little Empathy

Think about what this will do for this employee once they are told the company no longer needs their services. It doesn’t matter if the person is being let go due to poor performance or from downsizing; their reactions will vary, from anger to embarrassment to showing fear all in the same moment. Don’t make a difficult situation harder than it has to be.

Schedule Time for Laying Off

Be sure you have all of your paperwork in front of you, when you are terminating an employee. There may be questions from the person being let go, and it’s always good if you have the answer right there. If you have a layoff coming down the line, let people know the truth, as soon as possible.

Let Them Down Easy

For some people you are laying off or terminating, you may be able to offer assistance or resources concerning filing for unemployment or what to do about health insurance. Trying to make a termination a little better, can often result in a world of difference for the person being let go.

Be a Gentle Listener

Finally, let the person being let go react to what’s happening. There may be a range of emotions, but it’s your job not to counter with any rhetoric; just provide a listening ear, and guide them to thinking about new opportunities outside the door.