HR can supercharge a business’s performance, but developing an effective working relationship between managers and HR can sometimes be tricky. Whether a manager is working with his or her own HR department or an outsourced HR company, their ability to work together can define the business’s ability to succeed.

For the most part, managers complain about to major areas: having to field inappropriate candidates and poor staff retention as a consequence of new hires being unprepared.

A savvy HR will work with managers to minimize the possibility of these issues arising.

Dealing with Inappropriate Candidates

Sometimes, HR can be in a rush to fill a role. This can lead to candidates that have the requisite skills but lack the right personality to fit in with the business culture, or, alternatively, candidates who have the right mindset, but lack the necessary skills.

Having to rehire can be costly. HR can avoid this unnecessary expense and loss of time by working more closely with managers to learn more about what the job entails, how it fits into the organization as a whole, and what traits and values they desire in the ideal candidate.

Dealing with Unprepared New Hires

According to an OfficeTeam survey, more than one out of every ten respondents started work without being introduced to his or her new colleagues! Even fewer received a tour of their new office or were provided with the supplies they needed to do the jobs for which they had been hired.

Problems like this contribute greatly to a firm’s level of staff retention. When staff are integrated well, they are more engaged, happier, more productive, and more likely to stay with the firm.

With proper onboarding procedures in place, however, HR can make sure that new hires are well integrated from day one. They will also see that new hires understand their role within the organization.

A thoughtful HR department or firm can not only prevent these issues, but they can help make sure that your staff is aligned to your business’s long term objectives.

Getting the most out of work with an HR department takes time and open communication. With the right information, HR can not only find managers the best people, but they can develop and nurture them too.