Recruiting the right candidate is both an art and a science. Getting it wrong can cost the Company heavily, both in time and money. Making recruits at ease and having an open and candid interview are essential for any successful hire.

Here are ten tips to improve your interviewing techniques and ensure you achieve the best fit possible.

  1. Preparation: write down exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate, such as character traits and qualifications. Prepare yourself for the obvious questions the interviewee may have for you.
  2. Make the candidate feel at home: give the candidate enough breathing space to open up and unwind. Offer them water or coffee and make sure they’re at ease. This will give you a more accurate view of their abilities and help you glean necessary information for the hiring process.
  3. Consistency: Using the same core questions for each candidate will help you compare them later on. Be sure to use open-ended questions to encourage additional participation from the candidates.
  4. Research: take the time to delve into the candidates resume and cover letter. Don’t forget to browse their social media pages to get a better and fuller picture.
  5. Be chatty: don’t grill the candidate. Opt for a conversational approach where the candidate feels free to open up to you.
  6. Adaptability: if the conversation takes a turn, don’t be afraid to roll with it, but don’t lose sight of the big picture. Focus on what you want to learn from the interview.
  7. Listen: good listeners encourage others to open up and feel appreciated. This skill will not only help in finding the right candidate but will help you keep them.
  8. Silence is good: there are no uncomfortable silences in an interview. Silences can encourage a candidate to expand further on a point.
  9. Ask the right questions: don’t ask inappropriate questions, even ones that seem harmless can be deemed illegal, such as asking about marital status, race, and religion; the interview is about the candidate and his/her qualifications for the job. Keep it that way, unless the candidate wishes to confide in you.
  10. Stay on point: the interview is about the candidate and his/her qualifications. Don’t lose sight of that and keep them talking.