There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption across all businesses and industries. One of the most affected areas has been the hiring of new staff. Since face-to-face interviews have become almost impossible, those responsible for hiring staff have had to adapt rapidly.

It’s not necessarily bad news, though. New hiring methods can open up new and exciting possibilities. Here’s how we envision moving forward:

Virtual Recruitment Will Become the Norm

You may have been conducting virtual recruiting using technologies like teleconferencing and video interviewing throughout the lockdown. It looks like they’re here to stay. Video interviewing is a cost-effective way to continue with the hiring process with little to no disruption.

Video interviews can be held at any time and are easy to set up. Candidates won’t be late because they don’t have to get across town. It’s also easier to find an interview time slot that works for both of parties.

The Virtual recruiting will reduce the time-to-hire while reducing the cost of hire.


Remote Working is Now a Viable Option

More and more businesses are discovering that remote working is extremely effective and can be more productive than traditional working scenarios. From a recruitment perspective, it opens up a vast range of possibilities.

When you recruit for an in-office individual, you’re limited to a local pool of talent. Remote workers, however, have no geographical limitations. This means you can hire talent from wherever you like in the world. It also means you can select the very best individual you can find rather than the best individual from what’s available in your area.


Job Ads Will Adapt

With recruitment now taking place remotely, job ads will need to become more appealing to candidates. Think virtual office tours and other interactive elements that make the job ad stand out.

Additionally, where you advertise may change too. Employee referrals are likely to become more common – especially if you’re recruiting worldwide. Social media is expected to become a rich source of talent, too, since you can specifically target your ads.

By embracing the changes, the Covid-19 pandemic has thrust upon us, we can start taking advantage of the huge benefits that are available to us. Recruiters now have the world at their feet.