In the struggle to locate, attract, and recruit the best talent out there, recruiters have been known to lose track of the applicants. The labor market today is tough. Competition is strong. The StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System enables you to streamline all the data so that instead of losing your mind over technicalities, you can concentrate on the candidate.

In the quest for a reliable applicant tracking system with a competitive edge, StaffingSoft provides top-notch solutions, including diverse features to provide HR support, regardless of the industry in question. All at an affordable price.

As an HR professional, imagine how your day would look like if you could break free from those dull administrative tasks and data-entering activities on Excel sheets. Every recruiter’s dream is to be able to focus on the more creative side of their work, like attracting quality profiles and then creating excellent interview strategies and informative talks for potential applicants.

However, the reality is that the recruiters get stuck under piles of paperwork, trying to track each applicant throughout the labyrinth. With StaffingSoft’s applicant tracking system, you’ll increase the quality of new hires, while reducing the overall effort required for the recruitment process.

Cut on Hiring Costs

Most companies need a plethora of tools and large teams to find and hire new professionals. The budget for recruiting each high-quality candidate is often ridiculously high. Instead of draining company funds, StaffingSoft’s applicant tracking system will help you save on the overall recruitment cost – not just once, but for every single hire.

For a small investment, you’ll get a sophisticated system, equipped with all the features you need to track even the most complicated applicants during the process.

Unique Features

StaffingSoft’s Application Tracking System is cloud-based software, built according to the practical requirements of today’s HR professionals. It’s designed by leading industry experts and HR professionals, offering various user-friendly features to support the daily business processes, like resume management, job management, time management, report management, candidate management, and client management.

Easy to Use

Not all HR professionals today are tech-savvy when it comes to meeting and embracing new tools. StaffingSoft’s Applicant Tracking System, however, is very simple to interact with. If you are a new user, you’ll be happy to know that each module offers an online help index with support for users.

StaffingSoft aims to build a relationship with users to respond to changes in the recruitment world as soon as they happen, if not before. The software is easy to use. Its powerful and diverse recruiting features are organized to make using the application intuitive. Being cloud-based there is no complex installation process – you can get StaffingSoft working for you immediately.

Industry Versatile

Many of the applicant tracking systems today are connected to a specific industry. If you work in finance, for example, you need a specific software. If your company’s domain is supply chain, you’re likely to need a completely different type of software. StaffingSoft’s applicant tracking systems go beyond industry categorization and provide a global, process-driven solution.

Regardless of the industry you work in, you’ll always have a customizable system, providing your organization with the most efficient hiring process possible.

With the StaffingSoft applicant tracking system, you’ll have access to some of the world’s most powerful recruiting tools. We’re on hand to make sure that both your software and your business are working to their full potential. To learn more about how this software can transform your HR, call us on 866 267 7477.