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Staffing Software

Staffing software is ideal for recruiters, corporate HR departments, and contract and temporary staffing companies. Staffing software provides companies with an easier way to identify a promising candidate more quickly. The success of search firms is dependent on automated recruiting software.

Innovative Staffing Software

StaffingSoft provides innovative staffing software to the employment industries. Our goal is to provide you with a better way to hire, manage and retain talented and qualified employees in a more effective, timely and cost-efficient manner.

Our integrated software solution gives you the best functionality that you would expect from an Application Tracking system at an affordable price.

StaffingSoft's Staffing Software user interface is intuitive and feature-rich with a suite of online workflow managers that are designed around the way human resource and staffing professionals work to locate, recruit, and retain top talent. This software effectively integrates all aspects of the hiring process and increases productivity and the quality of hires, and reduces the time and cost to hire. StaffingSoft provides companies of all sizes with a customizable framework to manage all of their hiring activities.

StaffingSoft is one of the most powerful recruiting software on the market today. With StaffingSoft Applicant Tracking System you will develop a more competitive intelligence and build solid relationships with your clientele. Discover how StaffingSoft Staffing Software will transform your current recruiting information into a valuable knowledge database by requesting for an online demo or contacting us direct!