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StaffingSoft Recruitment Services

assist enterprises reach their full recruiting potential. We bring 20+ years of experience in developing recruiting software to advance your organization for a competitive advantage.

We offer comprehensive services to our clients, helping them to be more successful in the highly competitive staffing and recruiting industries. We help our clients define their critical business process and map a workflow solution to accommodate the process.

We provide these services reducing the challenges that come with today's complex technology so you can focus on what you do best recruiting.

Data Migration

Our Data Migration team can migrate your data from your existing database or Applicant Tracking System into StaffingSoft and / or Migrate your existing data to any system of your choice.

System Customizing

Customize your system with the ease and flexibility of StaffingSoft. Ability to easily customize forms, fields, tabs, work flow and reports.

App Development

Develop your system with the skills of our talented developers and leaders of the industry. We can assist you with all aspects of your software project - specification, design, implementation, testing, and related services.

Time Tracking System

Easy to use web based timesheet software. Tracks employees work hours, project milestones as well as project expenses. An application for keeping track of hours spent on a project with the ability to handle multiple resources as well as multiple projects.

Resume Mining ("Resume Crawler")

The Resume Crawler is a tool that searches specific job boards and search engines on the World Wide Web for candidate resumes. Resumes found will be displayed for your review or instantly entered into your StaffingSoft resume database.

Employee Onboarding System

StaffingSoft's Onboarding System provides you with fully automated and customizable workflow, so that you can manage and track the new employee's onboarding process at ease.

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