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StaffingSoft/ Staffing Edition

Product Benefits

The Staffing Edition brings the tools required for managing today's demanding recruiting process. Administrating tasks become easier with the embedded Administrative tools: it makes it easy for you to manage your data and as result increases quality time for unlocking the full potential of your recruiting.

With StaffingSoft Staffing Software your team will be powered with the best recruiting tool currently in the market that allows staffing managers the ability to manage their team globally regardless of the location.

Product Features

  • Automated Resume Processing
  • Skill Based Candidate Matching
  • Candidate Screening / Testing
  • Candidate Tracking
  • Automated Job Posting to free and paid Job Sites
  • Automated Reference Checking
  • Automated Resume Download Agents to cralw the internet for resumes
  • Custom Reports
  • Client / Vendor Management
  • Integrated Email System / Mail Merge
  • Lead Generation (Candidates, and Clients)
  • Employee / Consultant Tracking
  • Multi-User Integrated Calendar
  • Company Website Integration
  • Career Website Integration
  • Forms and Templates Creation
  • Web based employee Time Tracking System
  • Automated forms management
  • and more